New Providence Post Office

A classy post office.

I’ve featured the Summit post office, and I’ve featured the Chatham post office, and I figured it was high time I featured the New Providence post office. So I consulted a map and sought it out.

And… it’s… a trailer.

While this was somewhere between tragic and hilarious, it didn’t quite seem in keeping with what I know of New Providence, so I did a little research.

The post office used to be an operation with an actual storefront in the Village Shopping Center. But a year after the Acme moved out, apparently the post office got kicked out so the A&P could expand into their space. Since then, the post office has functioned from these “temporary” quarters, in a back corner of the old A&P parking lot.

There’s hope! Last I heard, there were plans to relocate about 200 feet to a store in that old A&P shopping center—”retail-only,” so I guess you couldn’t actually mail anything there (?). Theoretically, the move is supposed to happen this very month, but I guess we’ll wait and see.



Nagi, A. 2010. “Post office begins countdown to move.” New Providence Patch.

Neavill, M. 2010. “New Providence post office selects Central Avenue location.” Independent Press.


3 Responses to “New Providence Post Office”

  1. Maybe there’s a new facility in the works…

  2. Somewhere between tragic and hilarious indeed! You crack me up. 🙂


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