Ye new A&P

New and open A&P! Still no cart corral, though.

This is New Providence’s new A&P, the anchor store in Village Shopping Center. It opened on September 24, 2010. (The A&P chain filed for bankruptcy 2.5 months later.)

The space was previously occupied by an Acme for nearly 40 years (1968-2006), but for whatever reason, Acme moved out, and A&P, which had a store about a mile from this location, decided to expand the Acme store and move in.

But Murphy’s Law abounds. Construction was stalled due to an unfortunate series of events. Eventually, the best course of action seemed to be a complete teardown, which included several neighboring stores.

Eventually, four years after the closing of the Acme…

As of November or December, the shopping center featured an appalling number of abandoned storefronts. Apparently, with no supermarket to lure people into the center, nobody patronized the other stores either (or, possibly, all the construction made parking/operation impossible). It has picked up a lot just in the last few months, and there is still hope that the A&P will continue to bring back some local business.

On an un-citable note: this A&P opened shortly after I moved to New Providence, so I initially, y’know, got my card and everything at the old A&P. I remember hearing at least two conversations discussing the grand opening of the store as I stood at the train station that Friday.

One woman laughed and said, “You know we’re getting old when our idea of an exciting Friday night is checking out a new grocery store!”


Acme Style. 2009. “Abandoned Acme! New Providence NJ.” Acme Style.

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