Ye olde A&P

Old and closed New Providence A&P

A&P, the modern alias for the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, is a chain of supermarkets. This one on Central Avenue in Murray Hill isn’t an A&P anymore, and hasn’t been as of September 23, 2010 (the day before the new store opened about a mile away). The space remains vacant.


4 Responses to “Ye olde A&P”

  1. I can imagine someone driving past this and wondering “what was that?” And then searching the Web and finding your wonderful post. The year is 2037, and the cars are more efficient, the people more vitamin-enriched, and home entertainment more expensive. But still no Big Foot, unicorns, or world peace. Or this post will be useful for local news in determining how long the property has been vacant when a sensational crime is committed there!


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