Y is for YAG

YAGs and Hydrothermal Quartz!

…Yttrium Aluminum Garnet, that is. All the rocks here were grown in a lab! (And they’re on display in the Morris Museum!)

The guys on the right, including the ruby-red crystal, are YAGs. The label below them states that they are examples of Czochralski Growth, wherein “a crystal is pulled from a crucible containing the melted elements which form the crystal.” (The clear thing is “Y.A.G. ‘Diamondaire’ [pure],” and the red thing is “Y.A.G. ‘Ruby’ [Trace of chromium].”)

Although it’s not Y-related, for the sake of being thorough, the ladies on the left were grown “from a pressurized hot water solution containing the necessary chemicals.” They’re both quartz, but the bottom-right one was a gift from Bell Labs, and it took 23 days to grow (!).

Rocks are awesome!

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