Fishawack Festival 1!

Run runners run!

Chatham’s Fishawack Festival was today!

No, they don’t whack fishes. Apparently “Passaic” and “Fishawack” were both bastardizations of the Lenape name for the local river, and “Chatham tradition (and the official history) accepts [Fishawack] as the accepted name” (Cunningham 1997, 7). So it’s a name with local significance.

The festival started with a run at 9:00 (one mile & four miles) in the train station’s parking lot. (The Chatham Jazz Band provided entertainment during the thumb-twiddling interludes [what else are you supposed to do while the runners are off running?], hence my awkward bandridden vantage point for this photo.)

In a refreshing break from neverending macros and architecture shots, I’ll be featuring a few more festival pictures over the next couple days. 🙂


Cunningham, J.T. (1997). Images of America: Chatham. Arcadia Publishing: Dover, NH.


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