I have no alt text for this.

Boy, am I glad the tree-planters of New Providence thought far enough ahead to plant MALE gingko trees. At my undergrad, there were two huge female gingko trees right outside the college center, and in the spring and fall, their berries would fall, and the whole area would smell like a combination of rotting dead animals and vomit, with an overtone of fecal matter.

It’s much easier to enjoy the visual beauty of the trees when you’re not inhaling that perfume.


2 Comments to “Gingko”

  1. Wow, what a beautiful macro photo.
    I’ve never heard or seen a Gingko trees.
    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.
    I live 4 hours drive from Froland where I took the photo.
    You have a beautiful blog.
    Is Providence far from Santa Barbara?
    Have a nice weekend.:O)

  2. As I recall, the male to female ratio of ginko trees is about 30:1, which means that you would only have about a 4% chance of planting a female ginko if you weren’t really sure what you had. Yes, male ginkos are more pleasant, but where would they be without females?!

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