U is for USPS

United we post.

I will admit that “United States Post Office” is a bit of a copout, but there are shockingly few architectural terms that begin with U. It doesn’t get much easier for the last five letters, either. Bleahhhhh.

Now, I’m not sure about this, but it seems that Chatham (Borough) has two post offices, about 100-200 feet apart (30-60 meters). This is the one in the back, where all the parking is located; there’s also an ugly little storefront on Main Street. According to USPS.com, one of them is the Annex. I couldn’t tell you the functional difference between ’em, though.


5 Responses to “U is for USPS”

  1. I quite like this building.

  2. I can tell you this is the original post office, and that the storefront happened after I moved away from Chatham. I don’t know which one they consider the “annex” though.


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