P is for Presbyterian

P is also for Power lines running through my Photo.

This Presbyterian church in Madison is near the train station. It was built in 1954, and it’s one of the tallest buildings in Madison. I think. I am not entirely sure this is a fact.

But there were certainly Presbyterian churches around the area before 1954!

Oh and there's a building behind that tree. FYI.

This one was built in 1825 on Main Street, and it was the second Presbyterian church in Madison. In the book from whence it came, the caption mentions something vague about the Civil War, and churches getting divisive, and I guess this 1825 church was built because of that.

Oh and whoever decided it would be a good idea to do an etching of the church from an angle where there’s a giant tree blocking the entire building… good choice, Unknown Artist, good choice.


Cunningham, John T. (1998). Images of America: Madison. Arcadia Publishing: Dover, NH.


2 Responses to “P is for Presbyterian”

  1. I was just thinking that about the tree. Wonder if the tree really existed? Maybe unknown artist just was unsatisfied with his ink drawing of the Neo-Grec structure and inserted the tree in lieu of erasing it. Kinda unprofessional of him/her.


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