Mead Hall! Named after a guy, not a beverage.

We did a little bit of Drew University the other day, so here’s a little more. This is Mead Hall!

It was initially a mansion in the forest, first occupied by William Gibbons in 1836. Shockingly, it was called the Gibbons Mansion at that time.

In 1867, Drew University was first established here as a seminary school. Gibbons Mansion was renamed to Mead Hall in honor of Mr. Drew’s wife, Roxanna Mead Drew.

Drew University: Mead Hall, c. 1880s

Also, here is a photo of some students in front of it, sometime around the 1880s.

According to Drew’s own website, Mead Hall was devastated by a fire in 1989, reopened in 1993, and is still “considered the finest example of Greek Revival architecture north of the Mason-Dixon line.”

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Drew University. (2011). Campus map. Available


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