Brothers College

Drew University: Brothers College (and cherry blossoms!)

Well, it’s the First of May ( <–pssst, free-ish Jonathan Coulton download). Rather than participate in the theme day, since I didn't happen to see any good mailboxes while I was out and about, here is Brothers College of Drew University in Madison, NJ. This building was built in 1929.

Drew University, Brothers College: date unknown (1940-something?)

According to Wikipedia, Drew University itself was named Brothers College named after brothers Arthur and Leonard Baldwin endowed a very large gift to the university. The university’s name was eventually changed, but the building’s name remains.


Cunningham, John T. (1998). Images of America: Madison. Arcadia Publishing: Dover, NH.

…I don’t cite Wikipedia, but I did use it.


4 Responses to “Brothers College”

  1. Nice nod from one JoCo to another! They are two of my favorite artists, in their respective mediums. 🙂

    Also, I have great memories from Drew University. Which I guess could count as one of my favorite schools.

    OK, those are my random thoughts for the day. (Not often I reveal three of my favorites in one day!)

    • Awwwwwwwww. 🙂

      Also: Awwww, you’re a Drew alum? It’s a beautiful campus. My undergrad was an arboretum, but it wasn’t a whole damn forest like Drew!

      • Well, I’m a Drew alum only in the loosest sense. I attended the NJ Governor’s School there. Amazingly, I learned nothing about being governor of NJ, or any other state. But Tom Kean was the governor of NJ at that time, and the following year he became the president of Drew.


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