Summit station: Some history

Summit Station, April 2, 2011

This is Summit Station. The photo above was taken this weekend (in 2011), and the photo below was taken in 1904, just after they had lowered the tracks “16 feet into the now familiar mile-long cut.”

Summit Station, October 2, 1904

This was the first train to pass through that brand-new cut! You can still see the Passaic and Delaware branch track on the right.

Also, here’s a photo from the other side/end of the tracks, from the mid-1940s. (The book in which I found it was published in 1949, and it still refers to the station as “Summit’s Delaware and Lackawanna R.R. station;” NJ Transit didn’t exist yet.) Note how different the over-track bridge is! And they’ve since gotten rid of that weird roof-thing in the middle of the tracks.

Summit Station, c. 1948


Vintage photos and information from:

Little, R.E. (1949). Summit’s Story: A Chronicle for the City of Summit on the Occasion of its Fiftieth Anniversary. City of Summit: Summit, NJ.

The Summit Historical Society. (1978). Glimpses into Summit’s past: A selection of photographs and texts tracing the city’s growth. Benway, Maxwell & Smith: Chatham, NJ. 46.


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