Desire paths

Is this a desire path or a real trail?

I was clicking around Wikipedia the other day—as I often do—I ran across the entry for desire paths.

“Desire paths” are unofficial paths created by pedestrians ‘cos the official paths aren’t sufficient. Here in the Passaic River Park, which kind of has an “unofficial” air about it anyway, it’s difficult to tell what’s an “official” path, what’s an “unofficial” path, and what’s not really supposed to be a path at all. Several times, I’ve followed a trail only to find myself suddenly face to face with an oddly impassible obstruction (streams, huge mud patches, steep ravines… a couple times they’ve almost dumped me right in the river).

This path, however, makes perfect sense (at this junction), and it’s representative of many of the less formal paths through the park.

Are there any good “desire paths” in your neck of the woods?

P.S. This photo really is wintertime, not autumn! It’s just super-color-saturated ‘cos it was raining.

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