Overlook Hospital

Overlook Hospital: Now more than 30 beds.

Overlook Hospital (today’s version above, 1910s? version below, both built on the same plot of land and seen from similar views) was founded in 1906 by a 26-year-old doctor as the first hospital in the Summit area.

Overlook Hospital, date unknown (early 1900s?)

From Glimpses into Summit’s past:

This 75’x40′ structure had an operating room, X-ray facilities and a hydraulic elevator, and offered 30 beds in two wards and 12 private rooms. It was open to the patients of all practicing physicians, and its policies were “to care for all proper and deserving cases at all times, but no TB [tuberculosis], mental, contagious or otherwise objectionable cases.”

Today, apparently Overlook Hospital tries to appeal to patients’ vanity, and boasts that it has one nifty piece of equipment in the hospital. From Overlook’s main page:

Why Overlook Hospital? Because you care about your image, and our state-of-the-art 320 slice CT scanner provides clear pictures of your heart and brain [no other organs, I guess?], helping doctors diagnose you, treat you, and get you looking your best again.

It’s probably a joke on the whole “medical visualizing” thing, but I’ve gotta say, that shpiel ain’t sellin’ me on it.


Vintage photo and information from:

The Summit Historical Society. (1978). Glimpses into Summit’s past: A selection of photographs and texts tracing the city’s growth. Benway, Maxwell & Smith: Chatham, NJ. 69.

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