J is for Jack arch

It's fun to stay at the...

Also for “jacket!” But I think that’s more of a coat. When I’m stuck for alphabet words, I can always rely on architectural terms to pull me through; the windows on the second floor exhibit jack arches. I think. I could be totally misunderstanding the jack-arch concept.

Aaanyway, this is the Summit YMCA.

Summit YMCA, 1898.

And so is this! But it’s a different building.

The Summit YMCA was organized in 1886, when a group of “concerned citizens” rented a four-room apartment for two years (within which they housed young Christian men, I’m assuming). It was just a trial to see if Summit could actually use a YMCA of its own.

Apparently so! In 1888, they bought a small lot and built a small building, which was used as the first “official” Summit YMCA. It lasted until 1893.

The second YMCA (shown here) was also built especially for the cause, and it was used from 1893-1912. It was designed to house 100 members, but by 1908 it had grown to 370!

Well, they outgrew their quarters, so the third and present building, shown as the featured photo, was also custom-built, and officially opened in 1912. And it remains a center of activity today (aww).


Vintage photo and information from:

The Summit Historical Society. (1978). Glimpses into Summit’s past: A selection of photographs and texts tracing the city’s growth. Benway, Maxwell & Smith: Chatham, NJ. 65.


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