C'mon let's do the elec-tric traaaain (boogie-woogie-woogie)

Another NJ Transit train engine! This is one of the electric ones (I think) that can go directly through the tunnel into New York. (Diesel trains would explode or something if they went through the tunnel, so they have to diverge off into Hoboken instead.)

NJ Transit, Morris-Essex Line + Gladstone Branch. See the Hoboken/New York split on the right? And can you find New Providence?


2 Comments to “Trains!”

  1. You will be pleased to know that I chuckled at your diesel comment. 🙂 Really, I leave the country for less than three weeks and your blog explodes (like the underground diesel engine!) with maps and historical information, plus tidbits of science, and of course the photos as always. It will take me some time to catch up. I hope you did not feel undernoticed or underappreciated during this stretch. These posts (I’ve been reading from most recent to least recent) deserve a lot more (and better) comments from me, but alas I do not have the time. Let me just say again that you rock.

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