Supermoon! (Doo doo da doooo!)

So you may have heard about this incredible SUPERMOON last night!

Apparently, NOT ONLY was it a full moon, and NOT ONLY was the moon at its perigee (which is when the moon is closest to earth on its normal egg-shaped orbit), but of all the moon’s perigees (which all vary a little from orbit to orbit), this was the closest the moon has been to the earth in like 18 years! Whoa!

I heard that the moon would look HUUUUUUGE when it was rising! So from 7:30-8:00, I camped outside with my camera.

…It wasn’t THAT big.

I mean, it was cool, and I’m glad I saw it! But it wasn’t something I’ll be telling my children about.

And photographing it was problematic. The moon is *really bright,* and earthly stuff is comparatively *really dark,* so it’s *really tough* to get moon + landscape in the same shot, and thereby impossible to differentiate any of my “supermoon” shots from any other moon photo I’ve ever taken. Here’s a slightly better context shot.

Supamoon with streetlamps and a power line.

Eh. Here are some better photos than the ones I got!

Skies are still awesome!


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