Train crossing


I’ve always wanted to get a photo like this.

Well, not ALWAYS. I got one, once. But, just like last time, it freaked me the heck out this time, too.

I was a little surprised at myself—every day, I stand five feet (or less, if there are snowbanks behind us) away from the wheels of a speeding train until it slows to a stop. And I know now that a train always blows its whistle as a warning; it’s not like I wouldn’t hear it coming. And I know I’d have at least 10-15 seconds after the train comes into sight for me to get out of the way. I really shouldn’t be that anxious about getting hit by trains anymore!

…On the other hand, the night before last, I had a dream about falling off a subway car, so maybe not.

P.S. Happy Pi Day!

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