The Academy

Financial advising!

As of 1998, this building still served as New Providence’s Borough Hall, but according to the sign out front, it’s now used by Lassus Wherley & Associates, P.C. (Wealth Management).

New Providence Borough Hall, mid-1990s?

(Click here to see a Google Street View of the building!)

The building is formally known as “The Academy.” (The street adjacent to it is even called “Academy Street” nowadays!) Below is a photo of the building when it was still a school (c. 1890-1910?).

The Academy, c. 1890-1910?

Here’s what Images of America has to say about it:

The Academy, built in 1869, served as a school until Lincoln School was built in 1917. The two wings are additions. It was sold for $1 to the Borough, and became our Borough Hall.

And hey, check it out—the Summit Playhouse, about 2 miles down the road, was leased from the Library Association for $1 per year, too!


Vintage photos and information from:

Gonczlik, J. & Coddington, J. (1998). Images of America: New Providence. Arcadia Publishing: Charleston, SC.


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