Central Presbyterian

The center of Presbyterianism! Not really.

Central Presbyterian Church in Summit (on the corner of Maple Street and Morris Avenue; click here for a Google Street View) was organized in 1870, and this big stone church was constructed in 1906. So until this big stone thing was built, the congregation hung out in the wooden church featured below.

Another book, which I don't have handy, claimed the big tower was for the men and the little tower was for the women. Ugh.

Central Presbyterian Church, 1874ish

After they had a nice big stone church to worship in, they continued using this old church for Sunday school until 1924.
Aaaaaaand then they knocked it down in the late 1920s.
So it is no longer a feature of the area.

P.S. The dates may be off, so here’s a photo of the modern stone (concrete?) cornerstone so you can draw your own conclusions.

look look a cornerstone! (it's not actually in a corner so it might be something else.)


Vintage photo and information from:

The Summit Historical Society. (1978). Glimpses into Summit’s past: A selection of photographs and texts tracing the city’s growth. Benway, Maxwell & Smith: Chatham, NJ.


One Comment to “Central Presbyterian”

  1. Yep I know what you mean by the aaaand, they improved it by knocking that fine looking old building down. Paul @ Leeds daily photo

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