Gum balls

...Not until I started typing this caption did I realize how suggestive the phrase "monkey balls" is.

When I was growing up, we called these things “gum balls,” presumably because they fall from the sweet gum tree. But the term “monkey balls” is, apparently, more common.

We made spiders out of ’em in Girl Scouts–just thread some pipe cleaners through the holes, glue on some googly eyes, and voila! you have yourself some real art.

They kinda stick around. (no pun intended.) They’re not nearly as sticky as burrs.


One Comment to “Gum balls”

  1. I didn’t know these came from a Sweet Gum Tree or a common name for the ‘nuts,’ that fall, but I have picked up many of them and made wreaths… nice photo! Saw you on CityDailyPhoto roster.

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