Cook’s folly

The concrete folly still stands!

Maaaaaan, I just took a whole bunch of photos to capture the snowlessness of the area, and it went and blizzarded again last night (as you see here). But I digress.

This house, about half a mile from where I live, was “built as a pioneer venture in concrete construction in 1857.” At the time, everyone thought it was crazy. It’ll crumble in years, they shook their heads. But here it stands!

Cook's Folly, 1875

Here it is in 1875!

It was erected by Rev. Thomas Cook as a school for girls (in 1857), and it became privately owned in 1872.


Vintage photo and information from:

The Summit Historical Society. (1978). Glimpses into Summit’s past: A selection of photographs and texts tracing the city’s growth. Benway, Maxwell & Smith: Chatham, NJ.


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