Pay phones

No phone, no phone, I just want to be alone today

I’ve had an ongoing discussion with my mother about the prevalence of pay phones.

My mother contends that there are no more pay phones because nowadays because everyone has cell phones.

I reply that:
A) cell phones die unexpectedly;
B) no, NOT everyone has a cell phone; and
C) I see pay phones all over the place, and I start naming specific locations.

My mother counters the last point by smugly asking but ah, do they have dial tones?

This is often the end of the discussion. Because I don’t know offhand, this is not usually something I can argue effectively.

So! I have begun checking dial tones on pay phones. For these two, which are immediately outside Summit Station, the one on the left is dead ( 😦 ) but the one on the right still works ( 😀 ).


2 Comments to “Pay phones”

  1. We used to have pay phones. Vandals burned the phone books up. They took the pay phones out.

  2. Brings me back to the 1990s and 1980s…..

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