It’s Christmastime! Wait no.

It's February!

Summit still has its Christmas lights up!

In all fairness, we’ve been swamped in snow since the day after Christmas, so maybe it’s just difficult to actually take the dang things down. Or, you might argue, maybe these aren’t *Christmas* lights. Maybe they’re just decorative! Like college kids who string lights around their dorm rooms. Who needs a reason, right?

No, I say sadly, Summit hasn’t even taken down its Christmas tree, and several stores are still sporting evergreen-and-red-ribbon garlands.

Check my EXR data. I totally took this on February 6.

Looks like I can no longer nag my mother about leaving her Christmas lights up ’til March.


One Comment to “It’s Christmastime! Wait no.”

  1. My across-the-street neighbors (and many others in my town) have still-buried Christmas lawn decorations. It’s especially tough when your decorations are in constant shade due to the house blocking the sun.

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