D is for Double Decker!

Double decker!

In contrast to the single-level trains I’ve shown you before (example A, example B), NJ Transit also has some double-decker trains. On the Morris-Essex line (green on the map, if you click that link), the fancy new-ish double-deckers are generally reserved for the Dover/Hackettstown branch (not the Gladstone branch, along which you’d find awesome places like NEW PROVIDENCE. And ancient falling-apart trains).

The two levels are not the same! The top has more head room and an overhead rack. (Not huge, but it’s enough for a briefcase.)

I generally like the top, but sometimes I’ll sit on the bottom for a change of perspective. When the train pulls up to a platform, that bottom level is just slightly above the level of the platform. You can get a very good view of people’s shoes!

(To clarify: this isn’t a platform. Like the rails at the New Providence station, the rails at Chatham station just run along the ground, no platform necessary.)

(Furthermore: I have no idea what my obsession with train-related photos is about. I’m sorry if you’re not a train-o-phile, like I apparently am!)

(Posted in honor of ABC Wednesday.)

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5 Responses to “D is for Double Decker!”

  1. Looks like a cold commute!

  2. Looks like a nice way to travel and SEE the country!:)

  3. This is something we do not have here in the UK, we may have started the whole rail thing off but we have rather slipped behind since then. I rarely travel by bus but I prefer the view from the top if it is a double decker.


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