So they "modernize" your clothes when they're being cleaned. Not sure I'm okay with that.

This made me guffaw as I drove by, and I pulled over specifically to get a photo of it.

(1) This is, physically, the largest dry cleaning establishment I have ever seen.
(2) Anyone remember One-Hour Motophoto? Anyone else think this logo rings familiar at all?
(3) “Modernizing” is in “quotes,” which is usually a bad idea for “signs” and “titles.”
(4) I have no idea what “modernizing” even MEANS in this context. If you bring in your grandmother’s wedding dress to be dry cleaned, do they give you back a trendy strapless number?


One Comment to ““Modernizing.””

  1. This is the “best” use of quotes in a sign that I’ve seen! (There is another “good” use of them at a pet store near my house. But not so “good” that I can remember it off the top of my head.)

    And MotoPhoto is still around! Maybe they have fewer locations; maybe most of us just collect our digital photos on electronic media these days and “output” them on the Web; but they are definitely still in business.

    But back to the very “modern-looking” sign: It might take a special type of geek to also be amused by the initial “O” (the slice appears to me to be more than an hour’s worth).

    Thank you very much for taking this picture and sharing it!

    (Hmm… I wonder if by “modernize” they mean “make new,” as in “as good as new.”)

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