Ice storm

All right, it's Monmouth County, I confess!

So we had a giant ice storm yesterday! An inch or so of freezing rain poured down upon the 6-12 inches of our snow that hasn’t melted yet. Boy was it slippery. I was very thankful for my ice cleats. (And Muckboots! Awesome in slush.)

The photo above is actually a cheat shot from Monmouth County about 3 years ago. But if I had had my camera with me yesterday morning, and if the sun had actually been up when I was in New Providence, this is exactly what it would’ve looked like! (All the ice had blown or melted off the trees by the time I got home. So no photo of this recent event. Boooooo. Hissssss. But I swear this is a pretty accurate facsimile.)

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3 Comments to “Ice storm”

  1. Nice shot whether new or not. I never did like ice storms we used to call them silver thaws. Why?? who knows. MB

  2. We had the opposite, ice on tuesday and snow this morning, UGH I hate it.

  3. Date does not really matter, a good photo is always a good photo. I had never heard of ice storms till I saw the Ang Lee movie of that name.

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