Recycle Flags Here (part 3)

More flag recycling!

Again with the flag recycling!

This one is in Chatham.

They all seem to be centered around municipal centers, town halls, that sort of thing. Maybe I just never thought those were cool places to hang out in my youth, but seriously, I had never seen any of these before, and now I’ve found three.

Wet flag.

Sadly, they don’t seem to be emptying the box in this weather.


(By the way: here’s part 1, and here’s part 2.)


4 Responses to “Recycle Flags Here (part 3)”

  1. What a great old (is it old) mailbox. I never heard of recycling flags but a great, great idea!

  2. Strange, I have never seen them before, Ill have to look around now. I think the VFW collects them around here, but I could be wrong.

  3. I have never seen anything like this! The Post Office came and took all our mailboxes away.


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