11 ft 10 in

Train bridge!

As I’ve mentioned, for the most part, trains in this area don’t interfere much with traffic, which I find pretty impressive. In the area where I grew up, those roadblocking gates and flashing lights always came to life right when you were running late for something. But around here, that’s barely ever an issue, because of bridges like these.

(posted for Sunday Bridges.)

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3 Comments to “11 ft 10 in”

  1. «Louis» was out all day Sunday and unable to visit those who contributed to Sunday Bridges. Belatedly, he thanks you for your contribution.

  2. I like the contrasts of this shot, both the color contrast, and the heavy steel against the trees. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the feedback. It’s always good to have the perspective as seen through different eyes.

  3. I’ve lived in cities with level crossings and bridges and I agree, bridges are preferable!!
    I like the black steel – ours are mostly rust coloured, or greenish with rust patches.

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