Another 2-foot Blizzard!

A snazzy iPod Nano photo

So we had another blizzard between Wednesday and Thursday (1/26-1/27, 2011), which, according to the radio, was only one inch less than the Snowpocalypse we had on the day after Christmas, but this one passed quietly with just a couple of grumblings. Granted, my trains were running over an hour late, but that was unique to my particular branch of NJ Transit (lucky me!). Kudos to employees everywhere who made this mess very bearable.

It’s really good packing snow. I made a snow rat on my lunch break in New York City.

A rat? In New York? That's crazy.

The photos above were taken with my iPod Nano. You didn’t know the Nano had a camera, you say? Well, it doesn’t, really, but it DOES have a video camera, and computers can take screenshots of anything. With the popularity of old junk cameras like Lomos and Polaroids, I figure it’s only a matter of time before the low-quality but honest charm of crummy digital cameras like cell phones and iPods are in back in high demand.

(Really, I’m just trying to justify the validity of an artifact-y photo taken with a less-than-awesome camera.)

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