Going postal

The Summit Post Office!

Because I happen to live on the border of New Providence and Summit, and because it is easier for Summit mail trucks to get to me, my mailing address is in Summit. As such, this is my post office, even though I technically live on the New Providence side!

The inside is unremarkable. When I was in Chicago, a friend dragged me into a post office once, and I gaped. It was beautiful! Majestic! Huge! Amazing!

“What, this?” he asked incredulously. “It’s… very common.”

He, who grew up in a city, was perfectly jaded to the big beautiful buildings that urban areas always seem to have for post offices. In suburbia, on the other hand… post offices are functional, and that’s about all you can say about ’em.


One Comment to “Going postal”

  1. Functional is the right word all right. Too many grand old buildings get knocked down…

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