Lief... from Iceland...?

Poor leaf got stuck! There are a lot of neat ice formations in the streets. Unfortunately, it’s tricky to get a photo of said ice formations without gettin’ run over. As such, this will have to do.

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2 Comments to “Leafy”

  1. I love this. It reminds me of the macro and odd-angle stuff from the Good Old Days of Monmouth County. 🙂

    • I know. I’m getting bored with all the damn buildings; I can’t imagine that readers are particularly excited either.

      This time around, I’ve been trying to follow the City Daily Photo rules more closely… and not be too pretentious. I am documenting New Providence, not spending hours developing expensive film that was shot with my fancy Leica or Holga or Lomo or plain old Canon/Nikon SLR for my upcoming magazine feature and gallery show.

      Bottom line: I’m kind of torn between featuring macros and not. If it’s something you don’t necessarily see elsewhere (like a local flower, or ice/snow [‘cos I mean hey they don’t see that in the South, right?]), I figure I can maybe justify it. (As for the odd-angle stuff, my brain just hasn’t been that creative lately. :/ )

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