Bell Labs: Part I

I swear this is almost entirely natural lighting (not Photoshopped).

I hate to drag this out to a two-part series, but I’m running low on photos! So: part one: The Official Bell Laboratories Headquarters in Murray Hill, NJ!

HERE— within this very complex— is where the transistor and the laser were invented.

…No way.

YES I AM TOTALLY SERIOUS. Transistors were invented here in 1947 (and officially documented as such), and lasers in 1957.

(Murray Hill, as far as I can tell, is a sort of unofficial bit of land that straddles New Providence and Berkeley Heights. Technically, Bell Labs may be in Berkeley Heights; I’m not too sure where exactly the municipal boundaries are, but the sewers all say “New Providence” on ’em.)

(P.S. I actually grew up in a Bell Labs area; Monmouth County is/was home to the Saarinen-designed Bell Labs and the majority of the other NJ locations (including Deal Test Site), as well as Fort Monmouth. As far as I’m concerned, telecommunications research rawks.)


2 Responses to “Bell Labs: Part I”

  1. Not just transistor and the laser, but also UNIX and the C programming language. Your iPhone and most of the internet sites in the world are based on those two technologies. Oh, and Dennis Ritchie was a Berkeley Heights resident until his death (though to be fair, I think his cohort Brian Kernighan moved out years ago!)


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