Theme Day: Photo of the Year!

Lunar eclipse (on Winter Solstice!)

Happy New Year!

(I’m out of town for a couple days, so I’m sorry if I don’t respond to comments immediately!)

The City Daily Photo theme this month is “Photo of the Year,” which is a little awkward since I’ve only been doing this for two or three months. I don’t have a lot of photos to choose from yet!

So this one, originally published December 21, 2010, has had the most views of any of my posts. It’s a total lunar eclipse!

Hopefully I’ll have a better selection next year (and maybe some more subjective/ aesthetic criteria). Are you excited yet?! I sure am.

Anyway, as I said, today’s a Theme Day. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants!

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3 Comments to “Theme Day: Photo of the Year!”

  1. great image and i love eclipses. i was fortunate enough to go to a solar eclipse 18 months ago and i posted those photos on my site also. the images are under the label solar eclipse. Welcome to City Daily Photo Blogging. Happy New Year’s! Have a great day with family and friends.

  2. I was totally clouded out up here. Very glad to see folks a little farther south got to see it! This is a very nice photo. Shows the colour very well. Welcome to CDP blogging!

  3. Ha ha, more of a “welcome back“! I did this for almost two years in a different town. 🙂

    Happy new year, all!

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