The virgin snow is no longer virgin snow. Everyone is cleaning it up the best they can.

We’re supposed to get all kinds of rain on Sunday, which should help melt the snow… but it’ll all freeze into impassible ice on Sunday night, according to the forecast. Ugh. Give me snow any day.

I have to say, this is my first winter in New Providence, and I’m really impressed with how they’ve handled this snow. Wayyyy better than the outer boroughs of New York City, and way better than central Jersey; my parents, who live in Monmouth County, had 30+ inches of snow (76.2 cm), and their roads didn’t get plowed at all for two full days.

Have an exciting New Year’s Eve, everyone! May your new year be a happy and healthy one.


2 Comments to “Miniplow”

  1. I have never seen anyone here in the UK using a plough like this one, think maybe it because until recently we have not had much snow over the past 30 odd years. I have a friend in Saint Paul MN up there they seem pretty good at dealing with lots of snow.
    Have a fun New Years EVE and a great New Year. Paul at Leeds daily photo

    • Well… I suspect it’s more of a bulldozer than an actual plow! It was a very agile machine, I can tell you that.

      Some places are better at handling snow than others. There’s actually been an outcry in New York about how poorly the situation was handled. The mayor had a press conference and everything.

      Minneapolis seems like it’d be good with snow. 😉

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