Blizzard 2!

Stuck in Orange

I’d call this Snowpocalypse 2010, but that’s what they called last season’s massive snowfall(s). Maybe this is the Post-Christmas Blizzard 2010? First Northeastern Blizzard of the 2010-2011 Season? Those really aren’t very catchy names.

New York City officially got 20 inches of snow (51 cm); I think New Providence got slightly more.

Yesterday morning, I saw a guy who had driven onto a highway ramp and gotten stuck, right there in the middle of the ramp. He had a shovel and he was digging himself out. His car in the middle of the road wasn’t an obstruction to other cars because THERE WERE NO OTHER CARS.

On Monday, my usual hour-and-a-half commute took a little over two hours in the morning (which really wasn’t bad) and FOUR HOURS back the other way. Most other commuter trains were flat-out cancelled.

It’s pretty brutal. I extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s lent a hand to helping us dig and salt and plow our way out of this mess.

(See other Snowpocalypse posts here and here.)

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7 Responses to “Blizzard 2!”

  1. Beautiful photo. Amazing how snow creates such a peaceful scene in photos.

  2. Glad everything is ok, it’s been all over the news here. It may be a pain in the neck (took me 4 hrs 40 to get back home early in Dec.) but it’s so beautiful!

  3. OH DEAR! Four hours for a usual two-hour commute! Hasn’t yhe weather been atrocious this year?


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