Underpass to trains

You may have heard about the blizzard we’re having up here in the New York area! We’ve got three major airports, and they’re all cancelling flights left and right— thousands so far, which really stinks for folks trying to get home after Christmas celebrations! (Are you one of those folks?) The commuter trains have been adjusted to an “enhanced weekend schedule” for today, and NYC subways were getting delayed even yesterday.

In New Providence, it started snowing around 11:15am yesterday (Sunday); the photo above was taken around 4:30pm, so it had only been snowing for about five hours.

Five hours later, we had another 6-8 inches. (That’s what these photos below are from.)

Those are mailboxes, behind the cars (which are underneath a snowdrift) That railing is about an inch wide.

But we’re northeasterners! We’re kind of hardy! We’re bracing ourselves the best we can! But it’s our first real snow of the season, and it’s a doozie!

(See other Snowpocalypse posts here and here.)

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