Grand Summit Hotel

Grand Summit Hotel

This is the Grand Summit Hotel, sort-of established in 1868.

Sort of?

From an indeterminate time until 1868, the Summit House served as an inn near the Summit train station. It burned down in 1868 [link to PDF].

Coincidentally (or not), in 1868, they opened the Blackburn House, which was so successful that they built the Summit Suburban Hotel “on the site of the original Blackburn House” in 1929 [link to web page]. I can only guess the Blackburn House burned down, too…?

And speaking of interesting timing, the Summit Suburban Hotel was opened just months before the stock market crash in 1929. Ouch.

It was renamed to the Grand Summit Hotel at some point, probably after public transportation improved enough that the New York elite could actually LIVE in suburbia, not just VISIT it on vacations.


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