Make a left on Pine

Pine What?

I hate it when city planners do this. I often refer to streets by their name only, leaving off the “Street” or “Court” or “Avenue” or whatever, and I get horribly mixed up when you include multiple streets of the same name within the same town.


2 Comments to “Make a left on Pine”

  1. At least “Pine and Pine” is pretty straightforward. I hate when Magnolia Ave and Magnolia St are on opposite ends of the same town, and I wind up picking the wrong one, and people wonder where the hell I am, and I wonder where the hell everybody else is.

    But yeah, you’d think there are enough words to go around that you don’t have to start reusing them in the same town. And even if there aren’t, we can always use numbers, or make words up. I really don’t get some city planners.

    • Oish. Good call. That’s loads worse.

      I guess they figure “Pine” is more memorable than, say, “Throckmorton.”

      Or! maybe Pine Court was named after the tree, and Pine Street was named after the venerable Pine family, and there was just no way to get around having two of ’em.

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