Vote! Vote! Vote!


To those in the United States, happy Voting Day!

Here in New Providence, NJ, apparently everyone is Republican. I’ve seen a million yards slathered in signs… and not a single Democrat among them. So, well, at least everyone is in agreement.



Oakwood Park is a neglected little park. Union County has offered to pay for $3.5 million worth of improvements… if New Providence will cede the land to the county.

Map of Oakwood Park

Those who say VOTE YES say that New Providence is in dire need of a decent park. Who cares who owns the land? The local kids have to go to other towns to play soccer! Not cool!

Those who say VOTE NO say that New Providence’s land is New Providence’s land, not the county’s! Let’s fix the park ourselves!

Whatever the outcome, I’m kind of glad that this is the most pressing issue around here.

UPDATE: The citizens voted no.

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3 Comments to “Vote! Vote! Vote!”

  1. I always wonder how likely it is that signs like these actually change minds.

    “Oh look, Mr. Johnson is in favor of the park! That changes everything!”

    Well, regardless, now you’ll have to let us know how it all turns out.

    • Hah! Well, you know, some of us *really care* what our neighbors think.

      On the other hand, I would never have even known about this issue if not for the signs. I guess you could apply the same logic to candidates…? “Wow, I see a lot of signs of John Smithson. I should Google him and see what he’s about.”

      Or, better yet, a citizen ends up in a voting booth, realizes she doesn’t know any of the candidates… but she remembers seeing a lot of signs for John Smithson, so why not.

    • P.S. I doubt you subscribed to the comments here, but just in case, your blog won’t let me post a comment. 😦

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