Theme day: Public transportation!

Diesel train!

Ah, New Jersey Transit! This is where I catch the train to work every morning.

This is one of the old diesel trains. Back when I was living in Monmouth County, I thought they had pretty much gotten rid of the old ugly train cars. Nope! Turns out they just moved ’em all to north Jersey.

It’s pretty frustrating. Diesels can’t go through the tunnel directly to New York! Even though they *can* run electric trains down the entire Morris-Essex line, I guess diesels are cheaper to operate, so they still use ’em about 95% of the time for stops on the Gladstone Branch. So if you’re unlucky enough to miss the last electric express train from New York (which leaves at 5:50. seriously, NJTransit? 5:50? so I have to leave work by 5:20? that is very early!), you have two options:

1. get to a PATH station (there are like 5 in NY), take the PATH to Hoboken, NJ, and catch one of the diesels there (which I had to do this past Monday ‘cos a train derailed *just* past Penn Station, thus blocking all trains in and out of New York during rush hour–ugh, what a mess!), or

2. catch one of the electrics out of NY, transfer to a (local! grrr) diesel at one of the subsequent stops.

Oh boy. ADVENTURES IN COMMUTING! I’m sure I’ll have plenty more stories as time goes on, but that’s my rant for now.


Aaaanyway. As I mentioned, today is a theme day (public transportation ftw!) for City Daily Photo blogs around the world! Click here to view thumbnails for all participants !


8 Responses to “Theme day: Public transportation!”

  1. As frustrating as it is, commuting by train must be far less aggravating than being stuck on the highways. 🙂

    • Oh, absolutely! My office is right by the Holland Tunnel, and I can tell you, the traffic in that area basically doesn’t move from 2pm-8pm on Fridays! I’ll count my blessings where I can. 🙂

  2. Excellent theme day post.

  3. Great Theme Day post. Mine is up at Portland Oregon Daily Photo; it’s a photo that I took on the MAX Light Rail last Saturday.


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