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October 29, 2010


Yeah, so, turns out you're not supposed to do this. Whoops. Don't play on rotting porches, kids.

Starting in 1916, the local summer visitors of Glenside Park/Feltville started getting CARS, so they could go FAR during the summer—like to the Jersey Shore! (Side note: those—the summer visitors from New York or north Jersey, especially obnoxious ones—are what native Jersey Shore-ites call “bennies” or “shoobies.”)

And thus Glenside Park/Feltville went through a second bout of desertion.

Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders (Eds.). (n.d.) A Self-Guided Tour of the Deserted Village of Feltville/Glenside Park. [Pamphlet.]

(This is part of a series on the Deserted Village of Feltville. Click here for other Feltville posts.)

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