An Archeological Dig Site! or just some square holes

I think this is the foundation of David Felt’s summer house, but regardless, it’s one of the Operation Archeology initiatives in Feltville.

Students and professors from Montclair State University’s Center for Archeological Studies have excavated some pretty nifty stuff here (some of which is in display in the general store, when it’s open). There’s lots to find out!

a foundation? or...... no, yeah, I'm pretty sure that's a foundation.

For example, by excavating the privies, they discovered:
1. Residents mostly did their own hunting and fishing, rather than relying on livestock.
2. The class system of the village ran from east to west.
a. Felt lived in a “mansion” on the east side, where the privy was “constructed from cut and mortared sandstone blocks, and its vault remains pristinely intact today.” The west side had a privy with a wall that partly collapsed sometime in the 1800s and was never fixed, plus a vault of loose basalt, no mortar.
b. The west side privy had artifacts much older than any found in the east-side privy, indicating that it didn’t get cleaned out very much. (cough.)

Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders (Eds.). (n.d.) A Self-Guided Tour of the Deserted Village of Feltville/Glenside Park. [Pamphlet.]

(This is part of a series on the Deserted Village of Feltville. Click here for other Feltville posts.)

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