Welcome to New Providence!

Welcome to New Providence!

Welcome to New Providence, New Jersey!

I just moved here about a month ago, and I want to get to know the town better. I had such a blast doing Monmouth County Daily Photo that I’ve decided to start one for this area, too!

The rules are simple:

  1. I’ll take photos of the area that I think are generally interesting or representative of the culture.
  2. I’ll spend under 5 minutes editing each one. (I can spend HOURS trying to fix a bad exposure, and I just don’t have TIME for that business nowadays.)
  3. I will post one every day, along with a quick snippet of text (which will, again, take under 5 10 75 minutes to create).
  4. You’ll love them.

Aside from that, pretty much anything goes. Neighboring towns (especially since my apartment straddles two towns ANYWAY) and counties (New Providence is a stone’s throw from four different counties) are all fair game. And I may miss a day or two (although I will try not to!). C’est la vie.

Enjoy exploring north Jersey along with me!


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